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Society for Rural Integrated and Youth Association (SRIYA) is committed to achieving sustainable youth development. SRIYA works with youth groups and Community Based Organizations that are working towards empowering youths through various programmes and initiatives to reduce poverty, create employment, free expression, development and implementation of youth policies at national level, promote democratic values, improve the environment through various environmental programmes. When making grants, it thinks about long-term strategies, knowing that lasting social and economic change among the youth can only be achieved through efforts of all stakeholders in the field of youth empowerment.

In its decade of dedicated developmental action, SRIYA has been dedicatedly strengthening the lives of the poor, deprived, under-privileged and the marginalized in the rural, tribal and urban slum communities.

SRIYA (Society for Rural Integrated and Youth Association) has been working with a vision of facilitating a society where communities are able to get their rights and entitlements, make their own choices, and lead a self-reliant and sustainable life with dignity.

Since its inception, SRIYA has been helping such communities in improving their quality of life.

As a pro-poor organization, it had been working to ensure a gender-sensitive, accountable and democratic society by advocacy, action and policy research.

The major agenda of SRIYA is to bring in an integrated, inclusive, and sustainable development in marginalized communities by gender mainstreaming, action research, networking and advocacy. In the last one decade SRIYA has a total intensive outreach of 75465 poor families of 3428 households in 4 districts of Odisha.

Through integrated participatory action, capacity and resource support at the community level, policy research and advocacy SRIYA visualizes an equitable society.

SRIYA has been helping people to discover and use their own vision, skills, and resources to move from abject poverty to abundant living by targeting critical needs: clean water, reliable food supplies, access to basic health care and viable livelihood activities. Our initiatives have generated a broad range of knowledge and given us new insights into how we can do our work more effectively. We are eager to share what we have learned with other organizations, experts in the field, the media and the general public. CDA regularly reviews program initiatives to understand what has worked, what hasn't and how we can broaden the impact of our activities.

SRIYA (Society for Rural Integrated and Youth Association) works for the development of deprived and marginalized people in the remote areas of Odisha.

Since the year 1998, SRIYA has worked in partnership with communities. It has come up with work centers on women’s self-help saving groups; introduced sustainable agricultural practices; increased people’s participation in local self-governance; improved enrolment, retention and the quality of teaching in primary schools. As an organisation, it focuses on Primary Education, Sustainable Livelihood and Participatory Governance. It also addresses issues such as disaster management, health and sanitation, child rights, and on HIV/AIDS prevention while focusing on women and children in particular.

With a uniquely holistic approach of working directly with communities to improve quality of life, the organization has conducted extensive research studies into a variety of issues concerning poor and tribal people in Orissa.


Empowerment of the youths, the marginal, indigenous, weaker and excluded section of the society.


  • SRIYA strives to improve the status of youth (young women and men) by enabling them to equally and actively participate in planning, management, policy-making, decision-making and execution of their plans without any biases. SRIYA ensures that youths are empowered for better governance and they are engaged as effective advocates of change, and as catalysts in solving poverty.
  • To advocate for policies and good governance for sustainable poverty alleviation in communities.
  • To reduce poverty through peoples initiatives by conservation of drinking water resources and improved health, hygiene and sanitation practices.
  • To build the capacity of the poor producers to cope with the free trade, market and ensuring fair price to the poor producers and organizing various "Safety Nets" like producer cooperatives and federations.


  • SRIYA is a youth-led organization with the mission of improving the status of youth (young women and men) by enabling them to equally and actively participate in planning, management, policy-making, decision-making and execution of their plans without any biases of gender, religion, ethnicity, age, language or class. SRIYA promotes a culture of dialogue and of human rights, understanding and cooperative relations among youths across cultures and religions, and to establish peace through creative work in the local community and beyond.
  • To improve socio-economic, educational and political condition of the tribal through sustainable development process.


  • To address the needs of poor and vulnerable people for their access to water and sanitation.
  • To undertake and assist in sustainable conservation of water resources and development.
  • To promote and advocate for rights based approach in all development interventions.
  • To adhere to result based management, participation of all stakeholders, capacity building of stakeholders, dissemination of findings to wider communities and stake holders and logical framework in all project interventions
  • To supplement the efforts of the Government and other National and International Development Agencies towards the development of needy children, women and marginalized section.
  • To improve the standard of living and quality of lives of the neglected, downtrodden, indigenous and vulnerable groups particularly children in especially difficult situation, street children, rag pickers, needy children, their mothers, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Women and other marginalized groups of people belonging to the "Resource Poor”" and "Absolute Poor" categories.
  • To execute integrated development programs to benefit poor and marginalized on natural resources management (including water resource development, watershed conservation & development, forest management, wasteland development, etc) livelihood, micro-credit, basic health services, education and civic engagements etc.

Our Value

  • Human dignity,
  • Equality and Justice
  • Rights and entitlement
  • Quality and excellence
  • Peace and harmony


  • Youth-led Development: SRIYA has 2500 youth volunteers as members in its general body and all its governing body members are youths in the age group of 18-32. All the programmes of the organization are youth centered. The youth members, staffs and volunteers plan and develop programmes, implement, monitor and evaluate it.
  • Community mobilization: SRIYA has formed and strengthened Community based Organizations among tribal women, youth, farmers and children and involved them into the village development process.
  • Capacity building: Capacity building at the level of the community, staff and other partner organizations. Capacity building is one of the central activity promoting enhancements of knowledge, awareness building and skills development through participatory trainings.
  • Networking and Federation: SRIYA builds federation of women’s group and other CBOs and assist them to develop linkages and network with various other organizations / civil societies to resolve the local level issues. If need be it will involve them into issues based committees. It also involves likeminded activists and groups and work towards lobbying and advocacy.
  • Advocacy and lobbying: SRIYA engages communities in rural and urban areas for their rights and entitlements
  • Community based Participation: programs are implemented through CBOs, PRIs, youth clubs and other community institutions
  • Decentralized Planning: Decentralized Planning ensures primacy of local communities and their institutions in deciding their development needs in accordance with priorities. SRIYA has developed a comprehensive range of tools and check list and experienced resource persons, skilled man power, training modules, analytical framework as well as sector specific tools for bottom up planning.
  • Community Monitoring: Much of the problem in project implementation process can be ascribed to the lack of effective community monitoring. Rural and urban people still have the beneficiary outlook and seldom approach the issues in a rights perspective. SRIYA has mainstreamed community monitoring as a key element in its projects and programmes.
  • Social Audit: to achieve greater transparency, social audit has gained prominence in development discourse as a tool to advance transparency and accountability. SRIYA has a collection of social audit manual, training material and analytical tools for capacity development of community groups.
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